Monday, February 4, 2008


Tonight is the last night of Another Fundraiser, at midnight all the skins will be deleted from their locations.
**Due to SL being a bit silly the last few days though I will hold them for a few more days in case anyone has missing inventory and can contact me with transaction history**
We are having a huge party again thanks to Luicee giving us so much space at her incredible sim.
Another Fundraiser wants to thank everyone from within the group to all those that embraced it with such warmth and dedication, the community of second life that went above and beyond by not just purchasing so many incredible skins but also passing on the word, by blogging it and adding information to press releases, to ihearts who made us a feature on both feeds....a huge thank you to all the designers who took the time out to create such incredibly beautiful modifications to the Eloh Eliot bases and of course Eloh herself because none of this would have been possible without her generosity.
I hope we see you all not only at the party tonight here but also making sure you grab and tell everyone that this is their last chance for the 50L fundraiser skins .
Also tonight we are extending an invitation to all artists and photographers in sl to join us and take as many pics as possible of people in the Another Fundraiser skins and to contact Whimsy Winx to be added to the AF FLickr group for 2008 so they can be loaded and preserved as a fond memory for us all .
xoxo Sasy xoxo

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