Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Fundraiser has a 3rd location

It's been non stop for nearly 3 days and so we have set up a third locations HERE thanks to Zada Zenovka who also is part of the Another Fundraiser team, thank you Zada and everyone else that makes this event HUUUGE !

xoxo Sasy xoxo

2days in and what a rush

Ok we are two days in to Another Fundraiser and the response has been OVERWHELMING!!
If you haven't heard yet or your living under a rock there is an event going on right now until Feb 3rd called Another Fundraiser which is the modded skins by Eloh Eliot that have been redesigned by some incredibly talented designers of Second Life.
ALL the modded skins are 50L each and so far set up in two locations at the one sim, both spots have same skins in them so dont despair .
had to show you some pics too and lol Furiae Blackthorne looks so incredible in the Carny BOY skin I had to share, sorry for the grey lol I dont rez so well .
thank you again to all those that donated skins and time , our group is so giving of time and energy its amazing , and to all the incredible people that have been shopping and tping in more people , thank you bunches and bunches
xoxox Sasy xoxo
special thanks to ihearts for not only adding us to the grid feed but also featuring us on both fashion and grid feed as their spotlight event HUGS!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

We are up and running !!

I am so overwhelmed by everything leading up to today and today itself, we planned on starting everything at 6pm tonight but had so many excited people TPing in to HERE that we could not set up fast enough!!.
Thankfuly with the help of the incredible Another Fundraiser team we did it and hope you all come as soon as possible and snap up the incredible Another Fundraiser Skins that are out, there are 152 in total , 144 ladies and 8 mens lol sorry guys ...I have even added a fat pack of all the ladies at OnRez for a discounted price so you dont have to spend more time than you need to snapping them up :o) .
There are two locations at the one sim so that you dont get trampled but both have all the same skins up, and we will be adding other locations over the weekend , but please please try and make it to the opening party at 6pm as this is not only another fundraiser but also the opening of the Masterpiece Island that Luicee Babii was so generous in letting us be part of .
xoxo Sasy xoxo

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Fundraiser Information

Dear Creative Geniuses,

Eloh Eliot of Another Shop recently set out her skin range in full perms format, this has caused a huge amount of buzz in world with the expectations of scams involving using the skins.

Many have struck first by giving the skins to as many places that give New Residents freebies etc, so that they, if not going to wear them, are at least aware they are a skin that they could get for free.

We've already started to see some incredible skins come out of this, featured on some of the blogs, and we wanted to give people the opportunity to expand on that.

Eloh states in a comment on Shopping Cart Disco ,"I also thought it’d be moar awesome just to see how other people could use full-permission stuffs to learn from and make something else–after all, SL has a lot of really talented and motivated people–especially when it comes to d.i.y.-type things. "

In the true spirit of giving we are organising an everyone involved Charity fundraiser, called "Another Fundraiser." All money raised will be donated to UNICEF. Another Fundraiser will be utilising the skins in the Another Shop collection. The idea is that you the creative ones download the skin psd's from Eloh's website. Add to it either tattoos, art, make up, lingerie, whatever you want to do to make it unique.

We plan to place the skins in categories so that many different themes are covered Examples would be: Fantasy, Goth,Vamp, Fetish, Fae, Diva and so on.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to Eloh since she put the skins out and she is happy with this idea, and we really hope that many of you participate, also the lovely Melanie774 Kidd has started a flickr group so that people can share their pictures of these creations, and we are hoping that many already involved in showing will be eager to participate in this event.

I also wanted to thank those already involved in the set up of this Fundraiser.....

Eloh Eliot of course for not only giving so much from herself but allowing us to continue to give in her name.

Alaska Metropolitan who created our lovely logo to not only represent the skin tones but also Diversity within Second Life and First Life.

Kit Maitland, Genna Gray, Delilah Karas, Luicee Babii , Tigerlily Koi , Moire Georgette, Fiachra Lach, Vivian Rail, Mel Vanbeeck, Whimsy Winx, Melanie774 Kidd, Jaydie Sapeur, Zada Zenovka all of who have taken time to not only attend meetings but also have come up with ideas, offered land and their wonderful skills and dedication to the cause. to help make this happen.

The event is starting now and we ask that people have all their submissions in by Midnight SLT the 21st of January 2008 earlier would be great :o) .

What you need to do once you download and create your unique skins by using the psd files created by Eloh Eliot

* Upload your unique skin maps into world and make the it what you want the skin to be called, but in parentheses include (Another Fundraiser)..make the skin Mod/Copy/Transfer . (this is only to give us the ability to set perms on them for sale, which will then be NO Mod/Copy /NO Transfer )

* Pick up Another Fundraiser Vendor KIT from In-World location or OnRez and take Vendor style pictures of your skins including your store brand/logo ( You all have fans ) , be as creative as you want with that but make sure that the picture includes a full body picture as well as a frontal and profile face shot, so that all your uniqueness is shown (You do not have to be naked for these pictures, that is personal choice) Full Perms Pictures are required.

*Write a notecard to include with your skin or skins about your store, you and why you were motivated to contribute, it can be because you wanted to flex your creative muscles, and/or because you wanted to give something to charity. Whatever the reason it's nice for customers to see what the motivation is. (full perms notecard )

* A Second Notecard with your permission to use these skins and pictures to raise money for "Another Fundraiser" and nothing else, make sure this notecard is NO MOD/Copy/Transfer, all skins will be deleted after the event and only ONE member of the team will have the skins to set out to sell for Charity, **NO Members of the Group Another Fundraiser will receive free skins**.

* Make a folder called "Another Fundraiser" (Your Name/Store) fill it with the vendor pictures, notecards and skins making sure that the pictures are named the same as the skin they belong to and that all are full perms and send them to Sasy Scarborough in world.

These items will be set up in inworld locations. to be announced , and also on onrez as a complete pack. The skins donated to this fundraiser will be sold for 50L each skin with the option to pay more if you desire in appreciation for the creators work and of course for Charity.

There are also plans for events surrounding "Another Fundraiser" making it a festival like occasion, more information on that and everything else will be posted in advance.We are really excited about this as we will be sure to see some incredible individuality come out of this...

We would also love it if anyone would like to set up the kits or poster boards in their stores or land locations to go ahead and do so, the more publicity the better for what we hope will raise lots of funds for a worthy cause.

To keep up to date please bookmark

Sasy Scarborough