Saturday, January 26, 2008

We are up and running !!

I am so overwhelmed by everything leading up to today and today itself, we planned on starting everything at 6pm tonight but had so many excited people TPing in to HERE that we could not set up fast enough!!.
Thankfuly with the help of the incredible Another Fundraiser team we did it and hope you all come as soon as possible and snap up the incredible Another Fundraiser Skins that are out, there are 152 in total , 144 ladies and 8 mens lol sorry guys ...I have even added a fat pack of all the ladies at OnRez for a discounted price so you dont have to spend more time than you need to snapping them up :o) .
There are two locations at the one sim so that you dont get trampled but both have all the same skins up, and we will be adding other locations over the weekend , but please please try and make it to the opening party at 6pm as this is not only another fundraiser but also the opening of the Masterpiece Island that Luicee Babii was so generous in letting us be part of .
xoxo Sasy xoxo

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